Projects archive

Byspokes consultants have been involved in a diverse array of projects with multiple partners all over the world.  Our participation is generally by invitation, and varies from voluntary support to contracted consultancy services depending on the project and the availability of other forms of support.   Past projects include:

Green Hope in Kashmir, November-December 2017:  Providing support and consultancy services to a grassroots initiative launching a permaculture movement in the Kashmir Valley, India: strengthening community resilience and protecting environmental resources in the face of ongoing conflict and environmental degradation.  In cooperation with Green Kashmir, generously supported by SLush.

Permaculture, Resilience and Global Community in North Wales, September 2017: Organising a Permaculture Design Course at Henbant Bach, a small regenerative farming project, bringing together teachers from Palestine and Wales and participants from all over the world to learn together and explore concepts of sustainability and practical skills for creating positive change.  In cooperation with Paramaethu Cymru and Mostadam EcoDesign, generously supported by GREAN Palestine.

Permaculture Design at Mashjar Juthour, Palestine, March-April 2017: Capacity building and networking in support of the Palestinian Permaculture Network, supporting the development and qualification of new Permaculture teachers and practitioners in Palestine, and enhancing the functioning of a grassroots initiative to create a native tree arboretum and land-based skills learning centre near Ramallah in the West Bank.  In cooperation with Mostadam EcoDesign, generously supported by SLush.

Permaculture Design and Farm Development at Habiba Community, South Sinai, Egypt, December 2015 – February 2016: Organising a Permaculture Design Course at Habiba Organic Farm to strengthen the capacity of managers to develop their farm and supporting ongoing development of the farm and community network through 2 months of voluntary engagement.  In cooperation with ECOntACT, generously supported by SLush.

Permaculture Design for Gaza, August 2015: Designing and running a 2 week permaculture training course for agricultural engineers and professors from the Gaza Strip, Palestine.  In cooperation with the GIZ.

Households Gardens for Food Security in the Negev, Israel, November 2013 – February 2014: A pilot project to design and develop productive household gardens with Bedouin women in the northern Negev, Israel to enhance food security; in addition to implementing suitable training and capacity building activities to ensure their successful management and the ability of our partners to scale the project up.  In cooperation with Sidreh, generously supported by the Bernard Van Leer Foundation.

Beit Qad Permaculture Research and Demonstration Farm, Palestine, March 2013 – January 2014: Developing terrestrial farming and aquaponics systems for a permaculture demonstration farm in Jenin Governorate, West Bank, Palestine.  Designing and implementing appropriate permaculture training programs at local Palestinian agricultural colleges.  In cooperation with MA’AN Development Centre.


Project Reports

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